Healing Therapies

In my many years of living as an adult woman, I have spent well over half a million dollars on the study and practice of healing therapies. I have not saved any money as of yet. The reason I have not saved money is that I have spent the past twenty six years doing a variety of very intense healing therapies to heal myself.

Today I am doing fairly well despite the long arduous healing journey that I have been on. For me, being healed means that I want to survive and live life, and love myself and be free from the urge to escape from this world by using damaging addictions to medicate myself.

I have been clean for a very long time yet emotionally I have not truly felt liberated until only recently. It has been a process and I have grown a lot, yet now my focus is on healing. Healing is something more…..healing means that my joy is much more constant.

Part of my healing has involved surviving a wide variety of betrayals. Recently I talked with a man who told me that no one in his family has done any healing work and still he continues to do his own healing work despite the fact that his family is still very abusive.

The fact that this man shared his empowerment with me, in just a few words, has stayed with me as a shining example of what I can choose for myself despite the fact that my family is still a big mess.

Of course my family sees me as the big mess. Of course they do.

One of the liberating factors of working with shadow material as part of our healing is being able to see the truth of our own darkness. To be able to accept our darkness is something that allows us to be more positive and less reactive …… with relentless persistence!

Fun is coming, like the sun shining on a new morn, a glow is flowing into my new day!