Love is based on safety.

Love is a feeling.

Every feeling is an essence of love emanating, when felt and received as love.

Receiving love creates more safety.

Experiencing my positive qualities allows me to feel more pleasure and more safety.

Embarrassment is controlled vulnerability.

Control is darkness.

darkness is love that has not yet been received as love

control is control….to let go of control is very challenging

to let go we have to feel safe

to feel more safe we have to feel

to feel more we have to choose to feel and receive our feelings as love

whatever we wish to hide and keep secret stays in the dark, yet that does not make what we have hidden disappear

although we may have some amnesia on occasion since we are not receiving our feelings enough to remember our experience

and this is usually due to a fear of feeling authentic hate

hate is devastating

in devastation there is often a lot of fear too

fear of lacking value, fear of not being loved, fear of hurting etc

safety must exist through all of our traumatic experiences since we did survive them despite the anguish of those gut wrenching moments

safety to live more in our hearts feeling our authentic feelings requires education

education is necessary for growth and healing

when we are safe to feel we will

when we want to heal we will choose more love

constantly knowing

we are safe

as we pick appropriate places and appropriate ways to heal our being on all levels

we ought to expect to be safe and expect our higher selves to guide us through the darkness

our higher self guides us to embrace our lower self and love our masks as they exist

for safety


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