Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts



People have lost their animal instincts !


Complacent Apathy and False Enthusiasm has won the moderate state of the masses. Oh let’s all be so calm and reserved and keep our real feelings a secret !


Bullshit is winning the day !


Ignorance is proudly ignoring true love and passion.


People are happily dying inside and their dullness has become a secret even to themselves !


What is behind all of this dross rot ?


Authentic feelings are completely lost !


Indifference is becoming the normal state of existence…


What a bore ! There is no where to go from that dry place.


People have lost their passion…and this is really angering !


Trance states are secretly numbing people to death.


Our lives are becoming one big lie !


Dullness; mundane phoniness is encroaching upon us.


Where is there a refuge from this habit of self-sabotage?


Our animal instincts have been squashed like a bug.


Our lethargy has won, and we are happy about it !


We are surely quite insane in our pathetic plodding.


Emptiness barely touches the issue of our seclusion.


We have hidden ourselves off from a most precious gift.


Our ferocity is long gone and stupid politeness has spoken.


I wish to rip at the throats of those who are blathering !


There is no regal destination without instantaneous rage !


I am suffering and Thank God~Goddess for my perfect pain.


At least my life stings an existence of feeling and passion !


Dreams are worthless without a choice to feel liberated.


Nobody else is going to join me thus I must stop waiting !


How dare you discount my passion and label it as “drama”.


Without drama we are deluded into arrogant separations !


People fear love and squelch it with their pious programming.


Oh the lifetimes that must pass to clear one negative habit.


Lifeless lifetimes of cowardly existence bore with dullness.


I actually feel some pain and hurt, and I am holding it back.


I am holding it back to please you, to placate your position.


I am choosing to love the arrogance of a heartless corpse.


The extent that darkness is denied is ridiculously dizzying.


I am aghast at the shock of such blatant ignorant arrogance.


And now as you seal your mouth shut, so it will stay long.


Long will be the inability to speak and connect authentically.


Nothing will undo the wisdom of such a cruel action.


Your vagueness will become you and there will be no value.


Marshmallow candies will stick your tongue to your mouth.


Then sweetness will be a ploy to keep you content with less.


What fear causes such a fuss over absolutely nothing ?


If nothing is the cause then it is ridiculous to not address it.


My desire is not important and I do know that is true.


Yet you chose to throw my friendship in the garbage bin.


One simple phone call to share honestly would have sufficed.


Yet all you had to offer were crumbs that led nowhere at all.


You are not my mother and I do not need a mother.


I simply desired a common decency that you lack.


A common decency is not even evident in your heart.


Well no worries friend, you are safe in your own mess.


Run along now and go be safe and secure in your lie.


Such a nice girl you are ….. such a good little girl….


Cold Cruel Indifference masquerading as proper etiquette.


Little girls lost in the residues of cruel ignorant apathy.


I can not save you, yet it appears you have saved me.


And my own lamenting does not change a thing until I find a way to express my reality to others openly….


when will that day arrive?


How will I display my dismay?


Love Love Love….all is perfectly passing into being….something on some level….yet I wish to go deep and deeper and experience the more










for real


yah, with zeal


copywright Priestess Persephone 2009

















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